Monday, 21 March 2016


I just published a novella titled A Mile in Her Shoes, and guess what? It was not a walk in the park. I remember waking up at night to write chapters, when I had a baby who was less than 18 months old. I remember sending it out for typing because I wrote in ink (archaic right!) and having to read through to make corrections and finally send to an editor bla bla bla. My point is, working to see your dreams come true is not always easy, giving up is EASY. If you know how many manuscripts I have lost or destroyed, you would expect me to just tell myself that this is not for me; but I trusted God for  grace and here I am today.

Don't expect a rain of everything you have ever wished for to fall on you one day, keep striving, keep digging and watch your dreams come true; and don't feel you are at a disadvantaged position - now a mother, so you cannot combine the challenges of running a home, caring for a child with going after your dream.

Dare to dream and dare to see your dreams come true.

Much Love,
Omonefe Eruotor

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