Thursday, 20 July 2017


A lot of changes have taken place in our generation. The challenge of striking a balance between making a living and having proper family life is real and needs to be managed cautiously. Follow this link to read my article on this issue.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017


Michael Dale Williams is a marketing consultant who is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and SMEs create profitable businesses. His book The More3 Formula, endorsed by the renowned development, sales and business expert, Brian Tracy, has helped numerous entrepreneurs see business from a different perspective and increase their profit. In Nigeria, he has worked as a consultant to the Carnival Commission in Cross River State, the Managing Director of the Cross River State Tourism Bureau; and currently, he is Head of Business Development for EbonyLife TV. In this interview with Omonefe Eruotor, he lets us in on his journey and shares some invaluable entrepreneurial tips.
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Wednesday, 8 March 2017


Unique creatures, endowed with virtue, great dreams and abilities;
Filled with unending love for theirs and more;
Able to handle many tasks with just two hands;
But restricted by what is expected of them,
And faced with a world that says men first, women next.
This mindset paralyses some who sit and wait to be only what they are told they can be.
Becoming like genies locked up behind walls of fear and insecurity:
Fear of succeeding, fear that their successes will affect their relationships,
Fear of being looked upon as proud, not submissive, domineering and what have you.
They let go and choose to live with the dreams,
Dreams of what could have been, but would never be.
Some others get irritated with this belief.
They decide to be all that they can be, irrespective of gender.
They walk through walls and wade through waters,
Trying desperately to prove their worth, to men that they can be better.
They are feared and respected, but they look down on the other,
Grateful each day that they did not surrender to the feminine slaughter.
These two break my heart, they have missed it altogether.
They have chosen to live as they can, but missed something vital;
They have not dealt with insecurity.
Putting a knife to me, does not prove my love or devotion to him,
Looking down on him does not make me the victor.
I need to believe in myself and be the best that I can be, but also nurture relationships by not being mean.

Happy International Women’s day celebration,
Omonefe Eruotor.
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Monday, 20 February 2017


Allergy issues can be quite challenging to deal with, and doctors often have no solutions to a lot of them. This is especially true in Nigeria, so a Nigerian entrepreneur producing cosmetics specially formulated with allergies in mind, is engaged in truly life-changing work. In this interview with Clare Anyiam-Osigwe, she talks to Omonefe Eruotor about her passion for Africa, the effects of food on the human skin, entrepreneurship, and making a difference.  Read the full article here

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Saturday, 18 February 2017


A Mile in Her Shoes is a year old. Since the 16th, we started a promo to mark the publication anniversary, by promising to give the first three people who purchase E-copies of my book, paperback copies.

Yesterday on Facebook and Instagram, we talked about hope, of how people need to keep their eyes on their dreams and fix them there, till their whole beings gravitate towards their dreams.

It's day 3, great to be celebrating this milestone. Today we will be discussing 'picking up the pieces'.

Have you ever felt lost? Have you ever felt like someone who has missed his way? It is difficult for some people to get over their mistakes and move on, but it is possible if they can believe it is. I remember a case I discussed a while back about a girl whose family termed useless because she got pregnant and the baby's father did not take responsibility. They felt her future could never be bright and didn't care if he loved her or not, they just wanted him to take her as a wife. How about a guy who has lost his savings in a business deal? Should he stop going into business? Would you tell a lady who had a car accident to stop driving?

You are valuable and special, don’t put yourself down because you made a mistake and the world has turned its back on you or you don’t see a way out at the moment. Life is not about what you get today; but as I have learnt, the good and the bad work together to propel you from here to where you should be eventually.

Learn from your mistakes, feed hope till it becomes your tangible reality, then pick up the pieces and move on. It sounds impossible, especially when you look through the glass of pain and hurt, of unforgiveness and bitterness, of revenge and rage. These ones eat you up from within, while they succeed in deceiving you to believe you are powerful on the outside.

They say the best form of revenge is success, but as far as you hold on to pain as a dear friend, success will remain a mirage and your anger will increase, because you will always reach out but never seem to achieve your dreams.

Let it go, not because you are not wise, but because you know exactly where you are going and will not permit distractions on the way. Pick up the pieces, put them together again and succeed.

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Monday, 30 January 2017


Rita, a young teenage girl who was bullied constantly by her peers, decided to start fighting back, she had had enough. News got to her father that his daughter hit someone else's child in the neighbourhood, without asking her about it, he got home and gave her the beating of a lifetime.

She became angry and started out on the offensive. She started hitting people whenever they got her upset, especially boys and her dad always flogged her when he heard.

One rainy day, she went to buy something from a nearby shop and lost some naira notes which the wind blew into a gutter that was flowing hurriedly. She went back to tell her dad, he looked her over in disdain and said
"So you have now added stealing to your bad behaviour".
She could not defend herself, judgement had been passed on her. The 12 or so strokes which landed on her back and bottom told her, as they landed, that honesty was pointless.

She chose to give it one last shot, and on Aunt Uche's wedding day, she saw two boys stealing the meat her grandma, whom she was meeting for the first time, kept for the family to eat with after the ceremony. The protector in her ran to defend the lot; but as they struggled, other family members came out and the boys chose to defend themselves with a lie.

" We were trying to stop this girl from stealing the meat, shouted one of them, supported by the other."

Her father looked at her knowingly, she knew where he was headed and could not defend herself. As he shook his head and walked away, she knew what would ensue, but didn't think she could take it anymore.

Relatives poured advice on her, screaming their disappointment, her grandma whom she was glad to meet walked out in anger saying
"And she is an only child".

With no one to hear her out, no shoulder to cry on; she ran far away, as far as her feet could run and cried.

As night fell, a group of guys and girls who smoked weed began to gather close by. They seemed happy, she thought. She gradually walked closer, till she was in their midst. They welcomed her heartily and she felt accepted.

She didn't care anymore what anyone thought, it didn't matter what her dad said about smokers, that they died early. She was willing to die, she could not take the rejection one more time. Her new friends laughed at her initial cough, but that was fun, she laughed too. As her senses dulled and her shirt went off, there was no fight left in her. Bliss was what she sought and bliss was what she got.
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Please parents and caregivers, this is just a reminder that every child before us should be treated with care, so that we do not destroy with our own hands what we intend to build. #thegirlchild #girlchild #thechild #vulnerablechildren