Saturday, 7 January 2017


As the final scene of 2016 ends and the curtain being drawn gradually falls; the crowd cheers, outstanding performers grin with pride while those who made mistakes are sullen and wish they did better.

When it is time for the bow, they all greet their audience from a distance. Some smile excitedly for the crowd while others put up plastic smiles, waiting to just end the show and walk right out of the stage.

For movies, huge mistakes are corrected on set and by the post-production team. The directors make sure scenes are repeated till their cast get the parts right, within the set time limits. He also instructs the post production team on what to take out and what to leave, for the final cut.

Your life is not a stage play, it is a movie. The mistakes you made in previous years and in 2016 can be corrected. It doesn't matter if you have tried over and over without getting it right. If you would channel the same energy you exert sulking, to correcting yourself, you will be amazed at how well you will do this year.

Don't waste valuable time you can spend learning from and correcting your mistakes, feeling sorry for yourself. If you are honest, you will agree that a lot of times, your pain is based on what you think is someone else's perception, not what you think is appropriate.

Listen to your director, let him paint his picture to you clearly, so you can interprete it properly. Prayer makes the post production team clean up all mistakes before the final cut.

Take charge of your new year and prepare to see your own movie with excitement at the end of the year.

Welcome to 2017

Much Love,

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