Monday, 25 April 2016


Hello Everyone,

Remember I promised to bring you some juicy gist about people who have carved a niche for themselves here in naija?  Here we are.

Our first guest does something that a lot of people feel too embarrassed to do, she makes money doing what she loves best - cooking.

Your first thought may be that she probably does not have a university degree, right? Sorry to burst your bubbles, she is a university graduate who decided to do her best with the skills that God has placed in her.

What are you doing with the gifts God has given you? What are you doing with what you know to do? Do you just sit and notice all the faults of other people? It shows that you yearn to right the wrong in that area.

We will continue this discussion about our first guest tomorrow. Keep reading!!!

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  1. I am really sorry for not completing this, the tab where I saved my draft developed a fault and I got stuck. I've learnt from that, but I can only complete this when I get them again. Be hopeful, it may be sooner than you expect.